And I won’t open letter bombs for you

Sorry, Thinkprogress, a good bunch, but oy! sorta missed the point here. This is not incompetence. This is sabotage. FedEx and UPS want your money, and if you imagine they’ll send your 1st class letter to Hawaii or even Pennsylvania for less than half a buck…

…well, you Might Just Be a [REDACTED].

No offense. BTW, I have some awesome magic beans to sell, to the highest bidder if any of you are that dumb. Maybe a survival seed bank?

Link to Reuters, if one doesn’t trust Commie netowrks like the ones owned by General Electric.

The better to hand off yet another part of this experiment in self governance by the people and for the people to scummy bastards taking advantage. Scummy bastards who pay well, admittedly.

And yes, I’m aware that UPS gave $14,000 more to BHO than to RMoney’s campaign last year (Wow! 56 THOUSAND to 42!) I think they more than made up for it with the $8 million+ they spent on lobbying. Really, just go look for yourself. If any vestige of idealism still lives within you, dear reader, this will kill it for good.

And the Post Office, my dear gun-fondling friends is in the United States Constitution. Article 1, Section 8. Way before your fucking precious Amendment. (Oh, and the Amendment that lets people like me talk shit about that perverted 50 Shades of Gun freak? Yeah. First.)

Sad but confident prediction: no cries from the far Right about freedom, Constitution, etc. over those fuckin’ GOVERNMENT WORKERS at the Post Office. Freedom!

A curious freedom, though, a freedom of money and guns and nothing else.

Yours is not theirs.


Good night, and good fuckin’ luck,